Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project 7 version 2

So I re-edited my typography project because honestly it looked desperate and sad. I tried to differentiate the "voices" a little more by adding color to hope and making less awkward transitions. I got rid of the hideous hand-pegged distortion on the word "REALITY" because it was just dreadful. I also tried to add a little more "bantering" between the hope and reality to show them fighting for space and/or control. I know this would be much better if I had more words which I could possibly add at a later date. For right now I just tried improving by getting rid of the terrible distortion, adding color, and improving the interaction between them where they had none previously.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project 7 type assignment link

Type Project 7

So I've come to find that all the features of text in After Effects is almost overwhelming in how vast and complicated some of them are. I noticed it was much easier to play around until you found a happy accident then it was to come up with an idea and try to execute it using the little knowledge I have on how text works in After Effects. My biggest problem was that even though I knew what I wanted to do I have no idea how to use the effects to make said ideas. I would just feel lost and overwhelmed. I couldn't really think of how to look for web tutorials considering I didn't know what I was looking for would be called. Things got really annoying when I came into the problem of simply not being able to type on a mask path. For some reason when I set up a text layer and set it to a mask path it would be off set from the path as its clearly trying to follow the direction but isn't set properly. I tried changing anchor points and group anchor points, changing the grouping from "word" to "character", and countlessly reseting the first margin. It just wouldn't work so I decided to use the obsolete path type effect, which doesn't allow for as much control but in this case gets the job done. Many times throughout this project I had to just abandon using text tricks and resort to messing with basic position and scale tools. I'm sure that there is some way to do what I did by hand with the tools by using the text effects but I haven't found it yet. The unfortunate problem with this assignment is is that mine looks completely unfinished (and is) and doesn't make much since because I only did the words hope, real. and reality. I basically only made about a third of my whole project. I completely underestimated how difficult using text would be on this project.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Do and the Line Chuck Jones clip

Typography Project outline

I've decided to do a kinetic typography piece for this assignment. Since I'm still dealing with the dynamic of a child versus adult perspective I decided to use a selection of ten words for both voices as a sort of mini conversation. The words are as follows:
Child- tiny, play, create, fuzzy, smell, huge, sleep, always, real, hope
Adult- trivial, panic, conflict, flustering, sickening, hollow, schedule, ag
gression, reality, hope

I want it to have the words appear after one another as if they are having a visual conversation. The child would say the first word (and the motion of the word would be uplifting and happy but visually describing the action) and the first letter would only remain to spell out (and act out) the adult's response. I want the words as they get to start to
move faster with the Adult's words really taking up almost the entire screen and kind of towering over the Child's words until the word "hope" appears and the Adult's word "reality" backs off and then the Adult's hope font overtakes the Child's. I know the words don't exactly flow like a real con
versation would but I was wanting it to be things that children encounter or experience and what the assumed "adult" behavior toward that actin would be. I
drew some inspiration from these videos: this one was just beautiful for its many "fonts" this is the one I looked at closer for more of what I intend to do on this project, obviously not as long but I do enjoy how the actions follow the words

This (in the older post right below) is from the old Chuck Jones cartoon the Dot and the Line. I felt inspired by this despite its lack of text because it still uses symbols that have such expressive characters without faces.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Midterm Assets

We needed all of our assets for today, as in everything that is required to actually make our midterm projects. The only thing I'm really worried about besides being told to push things farther, is that once I start making it there will be characters or scenes made for the project. These special scenes would be ones that I need for only one instance but I guess I won't figure it out into I actually get into making it. Again I'm concerned that people will tell me I just need to push things farther like adding more nasty details to her home and to the rats. The nice thing is is all I have to do is work on the PSD file and reload the footage.