Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/2 checkpoint

I had a multitude of problems to meet this checkpoint which I honestly didn't. I noticed that my ground layer that moves, controls, and parents everything else in my timeline had this weird ghost transparent layer on it so I decided to get rid of it. I saved and went into Photoshop but after I finished and reloaded the footage in After Effects it looked like my ground layer along with everything attached to it disappeared. I discovered that it had not vanished but simply moved far to the right of the viewer screen. This caused many problems since it also skewed all the mathematics of my edited layers and assets. Nothing was synching up right. I tried to just quit out and open it back up since After Effects was having other problems due to the lagging of the server. My file didn't change when I opened it back up because it still registered the now messed up PSD file as the parent. I then had to just un-parent all 100 layers and try to register all the keyframes on the timeline and then match everything appearing and disappearing again along with the character's walk-cycles. Its still a little jerky in spots and I didn't really get around to editing past what I already had. I however did allow myself spaces where even though there's nothing right now it'll be filled with more buildings and another scene in the middle. I'll really have to haul it this weekend to get all of this ready for the DVD files due Tuesday 7th. I didn't get a chance (regrettably again) to make tags and text for the DVD. I'll obviously have to plan the DVD this weekend.

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