Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30 Checkpoint

I managed to have a really rough edit for class today of the entire animation. It could be timed out slower and the characters could have more personality in their keyframes because at times you would just see the keyframes acting and not a character. There needs to be some more pausing with her character at the beginning and in the 4th scene between the city and the forest. The lens flare at the end just looks like an awful lens flare and needs to be tweaked. The moment of the floating orb looks stilted and moves abruptly instead of gliding-like.

Besides these problems I didn't do my text tags for my DVD portfolio that I wanted done for today. This means that again I didn't quite meet my deadline and that by Thursday Dec. 2nd I need to have edited the final project along with creating all of my text/synopsis/tags for my DVD portfolio.

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