Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/23 Tuesday

I realize at this point that I am behind. Out of the five scenes I need to make I only have two so far. What has been taking me so long to make is the walk and run cycles and organizing the main composition in a way that I can nest other comps and slide all of my pieces horizontally across the screen. I know that my deadline for today was to have a rough version of the entire piece. I realize that I have to now double up over break to get back on schedule. So for next Tuesday the 30th of November I'll have to have my full rough edit along with the first 4 rendered projects and all of the text for my DVD. I see this as do-able because know that I've tackled all of the set up issues of run cycles and building my composition, the next three scenes won't provide as many problems and I have pervious comps I can nest to make the process faster. Also I can do the text summaries and biography at home in a text document.

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